Self Belief

I have no self belief or confidence in what I do. This journey has been very much about finding my way artistically, and finding my artistic identity. I have had confidence problems for years, and it is no surprise really that I still very much doubt what I do and question myself all of the time.

I thought that this process would have really helped, but I am still not sure that I see myself as an artist. I am always doubting what I am doing, and seek reassurance from friends and family all of the time.

My friends who are artists really understand what I’m doing and can appreciate the hard work that has gone into it, but I am not sure that everyone has this same understanding.

I am on a journey and still at the very beginning, I know this but I had hoped that perhaps I would feel more confident at this stage. I had hoped that creating this body of work, and finding my artistic identity would allow me to progress more within myself.  I have a long way to go.

Reference: [Accessed 19 August. 2017] [Accessed 19 August. 2017]


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